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Скачать Wave Magazine - 2009 Issue 07 бесплатно

Wave Magazine
2009 Issue 07 | English | PDF | 31 MB | RS+ES
Entertainment and Lifestyle Magazine

The Wave Magazine is a fortnightly entertainment and lifestyle publication, covering local events, dining, art, music, nightlife, style, family and community, health and beauty, sports, and anything else happening in our beloved Silicon Valley. In addition, the magazine is a fundamental resource for anyone looking for activities to do within their communities, ranging from shopping and salon services to fine dining and theatre.

Volume 09, Issue 07 Features:
Green Business Guide : More and more Silicon Valley small businesses are positively certifiable.
Patrice O’Neal : Comedian Patrice O’Neal on the economy, monkey attacks and other current events.
Clean Cuisine : Local restaurateurs get their hands dirty with sustainable, organically farmed food.
The Green Screen : Some eco-savvy cinema to keep with our green theme.
... and much more !



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