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Скачать RCR Wireless News - February 2009 бесплатно

RCR Wireless News - February 2009
PDF | English | 2.69 MB | 24 pages

RCR Wireless News: enabling intelligence on all things wireless for industry leaders and enterprise volume buyers. RCR Wireless News is the premier news source for the wireless communications industry and is first with carrier, distributor, network, handset and mobile content news. Published since 1981, RCR Wireless News is daily in electronic media and weekly in newspaper reporting on the entire wireless communication ecosystem. RCR Wireless News' target audience is executive-level employees at leading wireless companies and volume buyers at enterprise-class organizations. It is our dedication to editorial excellence that leads executives to consistently choose RCR Wireless News over other industry publications. RCR Wireless News offers daily e-mail alerts so wireless industry professionals can stay informed on industry happenings.

Our readers count on us to bring hard-hitting news and thoughtful analysis from all corners of the wireless industry. We provide in-depth coverage on the market's carriers, infrastructure vendors, handset companies, content providers, and the lawmakers and regulatory agencies that oversee it all.

RCR Wireless News' first priority is high-quality editorial content. Our coverage is not driven by advertising dollars. You won't see a story about a manufacturer written by someone employed by that manufacturer. We are, above all else, objective and thorough in our reporting.

RCR Wireless News is owned by Crain Communications Inc., which also publishes Advertising Age, Automotive News and Business Insurance, along with more than 30 other business, trade and consumer publications.


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