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Скачать TELE Satellite Magazine Issue 0811 бесплатно

TELE-satellite Magazine Issue 0811

TELE Satellite Magazine Issue 0811
116 pages | Publisher: TELE-satellite Medien (November , 2008) | English | PDF | 31 MB

TELE-satellite International Magazine is an international satellite trade magazine, published every two months.
Inside every issue of TELE-satellite International you will find:
# Test reports on the latest satellite TV equipment, including satellite receivers, LNB's, and dishes.
# Reports on other satellite related products, like Internet via satellite, satellite telephony or VSAT.
# Company Reports so that you can get to know the people behind your satellite TV equipment plus get a glimpse of what their plans are for the future.
# User Reports that highlight the satellite systems used by people around the world

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