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Скачать The Absolute Sound Magazine - September 2008 бесплатно

The Absolute Sound Magazine by Absolute Multimedia - September 2008
PDF | 47 Pages | 4.7 MB

©2008 Absolute Multimedia, Inc., September 2008. The Absolute Sound
(ISSN#0097-1138) is published ten times per year, $42 per year for U.S. residents.
NextScreen, LLC, 4544 S. Lamar, Bldg G300, Austin, Texas 78745. Periodical Postage
paid at Austin, Texas and additional mailing offices. Canadian publication mail account
#1551566. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Absolute Sound, Subscription
Services, PO Box 629, Mt Morris, IL 61054. Printed in the USA.

47 Seven Complete
Budget Systems
We assemble seven terrific-sounding systems
to fit any budget.
24 Start Me Up
The stereo receiver comes of age in the Maven from Music
Hall. Neil Gader reports.
28 Absolute Analog
Anthony H. Cordesman evaluates the VPI Typhoon
record-cleaning machine.
30 TAS Interview
Lyric HiFi’s Mike Kay talks with HP about the early days
of American high-end audio.
60 Equipment Reports
60 Totem Acoustic The One Loudspeaker
Totem pulled out all the stops on this limitededition
speaker commemorating the company’s 20th
anniversary. Wayne Garcia has the details.
68 Gershman Acoustics Sonogram Loudspeaker
Neil Gader listens to the newest and most affordable
speaker from Canada’s Gershman Acoustics.
72 Paradigm Reference Signature Series S1
This $1500 mini-monitor’s advanced technology and
pure beryllium tweeter pay off in the listening room,
says Steven Stone.
78 Atma-Sphere M-60 Mk III OTL Amplifier and
MP-3 Preamplifier
What’s all this fuss about output-transformerless
amplifiers? Sue Kraft auditions a pair of OTLs from
that stalwart proponent of OTL amps, Atma-Sphere
Music Systems.
82 Pass Labs INT-150 Integrated Amplifier
Pass Labs hits one out of the park with its first
integrated amplifier, says Neil Gader.
86 The Cutting Edge
86 JL Audio Gotham Subwoofer
Alan Taffel on one of the most ambitious subwoofers
ever made.
94 Burmester 069 CD Player
This gorgeous two-box CD player from Germany’s
Burmester pushes more than a few boundaries.
Anthony H. Cordesman reports.
104 HP’s Workshop
HP auditions the Zanden 1200mk2 phonostage
and considers the problem of differing LP
equalization curves.


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