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Скачать The Absolute Sound Magazine - April/May 2008 бесплатно

The Absolute Sound Magazine ~ April/May 2008 by Absolute Multimedia
PDF | 46 Pages | 5.1 MB

There are only a handfull of well known High End audio magazines between the US and England. The Absolute Sound is one of them and has many faults...but. It takes ads from the companies it reviews. It can be very nasty in their response to their "Letters to the Editor" comment section. They can miss the point of audio (enjoyment of music) and, instead, get bogged down in the nit picky stuff. They review too many items in the price range of $5k - 15K and up. They miss some of the current more plebian and very popular audio items. They can seem to very wrong in some of their reviews. Well, so what is the point? They are a High End audio magazine and most of this comes with the territory. It, as any HE Audio mag, should be read or taken with a huge grain of salt. Use it as a starting place and not the be all and end all. Keeping that in mind, they are one of the few magazines that keep us craving better equipment and better music in our homes. For those of us that live and breath music, they are still well worth reading along with Sterophile among others.


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