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Скачать Signal Magazine - May 2008 бесплатно

Signal Magazine - May 2008
PDF | 87 pages | 7.6 MB

Buying a digital SLR can intimidate even the most experienced photographers. Digital cameras, and particularly SLRs, open up a whole new world of image manipulation and camera capabilities.

Corey Hilz's Nikon D60 book has become an important addition to my collection as I try to learn more and more about my new Nikon D60. Not only does the book cover the camera's buttons and menus, but it also delves into photography techniques. I'm a visual learner, and the side-by-side pictures demonstrating the differences in an identical shot with a slightly different setting really help me understand my camera. It gets easier to imagine exactly how my picture will turn out before I shoot it. The guide is also easy to reference and skim. Small tips and warnings stand out from the text so I don't miss anything.

Overall, I've found this book extremely valuable as a Nikon D60 owner. The full-color photographs and wide variety of information make this guide a must-have carry-along as I shoot pictures with my D60.


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