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Скачать Chemical Engineering Magazine - November 2008 бесплатно

Chemical Engineering Magazine - November 2008
PDF | 56 pages | 14.8 MB


34 Cover Story Process Modeling Moves Center-Stage A model solution for the CPI: Reducing risk

while increasing profit


13 Chementator Making nanoparticles at Mach 2.6; Solid-catalyst, ionic-liquid combination shown to depolymerize cellulose; A new gasifier slated for its commercial debut; A less-expensive catalyst to make EG from cellulose; A trashto-syngas process earns a patent; This process improvement speeds up delayed coking; and more

20 Newsfront 2008 Salary Report Ch.E.s wonder when the CPI will feel the hit of the weakening world economy

25 Newsfront When Size Matters Particle sizing equipment gets updated to meet the changing needs of the CPI


39 Facts At Your Fingertips Biodiesel Production This one-page guide illustrates the process of biodiesel production by basecatalyzed transesterification of vegetable oil

40 Feature Report Pressure-Relief System Design Unexpected high-pressure situations can be relieved with a proper relief-system design

46 Engineering Practice Condition-Based Maintenance Management Enhances Reliability Understand reliability, condition monitoring and maintenance management to keep rotating equipment in top form

52 Engineering Practice Get More From Vertical Thermosiphon Reboilers The effects of three different heat-transfer-enhancement devices are outlined here


31 Focus Temperature and Pressure Measurement Calibrate high-quality thermometers with this instrument; A pressure transducer for hazardous applications is introduced; Ultra-compact pressure transmitters offer an economical alternative; This infrared thermometer includes a handy wristband; and more

32D-1 New Products & Services (Domestic Edition) Non-sparking, nonmagnetic safety tools for hazardous locations; Conductive tubing eliminates static discharge and prevents buildup; For electrochemical analysis, use this rotating disk; These tank-cleaning heads improve uptime; Precision handheld pumps for pressure and vacuum calibration; Fiberglass grating can replace steel in many applications; New communications interfaces improve the versatility of flowmeters; and more

32I-1 New Products & Services (International Edition) An inline seal with a clamp connection; Characterize foreign particulate matter on filters, automatically; Three new receivers for dense-phase and vacuum conveying; Save fuel and water with this boiler condensate module; This level-measurement device gets a redesign; Four new sizes of this turbomolecular pump; Avoid contamination with these magnetic mixers; and more

55 Focus Compressors, Fans & Blowers Training and parts aid in compressed-air system maintenance; Drive pneumatic conveying applications without blowing noise limits; Compressed air program cuts plant energy costs up to 40%; Go 100% oil-free for high-purity needs; and more


5 Editor’s Page Falling petrochemical demand To head off demand destruction, the petrochemical Industry will have to go on the defensive now, touting its environmental stewardship and the practicality of its products

COMING IN DECEMBER Look for: Feature Reports on Heat Transfer Fluids; and Bearing Housing Protector Seals for Gearboxes; Engineering Practice articles on Functions for Easier Curve Fitting; and Estimating Thermal Conductivity of Hydrocarbons; A Solids Processing article on Agglomeration and Briquetting; A Focus on Level Measurement; News articles on Dust Control; and Carbon Dioxide Capture; Facts at Your Fingertips on Fluid Flow; and more Cover images courtesy of: COMSOL, Inc.; Emerson ProcessManagement;Gaumer Process Heaters


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