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Скачать Popular Mechanics, August 2008 бесплатно

Popular Mechanics, August 2008
PDF | English | 28.8 MB

Unrestricted Aerospace
Welcome to the Mojave Air and Space Port -- a free-wheeling desert outpost where maverick engineers and rocketeers are inventing the future of flight.

Olympic Science
From the physics of pole vaulting to the hydro-dynamics of kayaking, PM analyzes Olympic athletics as the world's elite compete for gold in Beijing.

DIY Rally 2008
A jet-powered go-kart, solar-fired grill, treasure-seeking two-seater submarine -- annual showcase of home-grown inventions.

Fixing the World on $2 a Day
MIT professor Amy Smith and her spirited team are on a mission: Help impoverished villagers boost their standard of living with affordable materials and accessible tech.

What Went Wrong: Sugar Mill Explosion
When two blasts rocked a Georgia turned out to be an innocuous and ubiquitous industrial hazard -- dust.

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