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Скачать LiNKED Magazine, Spring 2008 бесплатно

LiNKED Magazine, Spring 2008
English | EXE | 67 pages | 6.6 MB

Welcome to the second issue of liNKED Magazine. From all of those e-mails asking when the next issue would be out. we can breathe a sigh of relief and say, thankfully, "Now," Of course, it wasn't a lack of great content that kept this issue from being born. It seems since we last spoke, magazine publishers have been finding even more innovative ways to captivate their audiences via new media.

In this issue, you'll learn how Dwell is using podcasts so that people can take their content with them wherever they go, In today's world. publishers are seeking ways to reach readers on their own terms and Dwell's example is just one of many, Several years ago, Slate.com was one of the first self-billed online magazines. Now, they have Slate V - an online video magazine with nearing one million visitors per month in the early going.

And for an example of one publisher who killed one product to locus on another. be sure to check out page sixteen and read how UK-based Graduate Prospects made an overnight move from print to digital and came out of the experience with more readers and revenue, And of course, it wouldn't be LiNKED without our Blog-watch.



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