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Скачать KPMG 2007 - The video games market in China: Moving Online бесплатно

KPMG - The video games market in China: Moving Online
2007 | PDF | English | 32 pages | 1.2 MB

The video games industry generates several billion dollars of revenue each year in Asia Pacific alone. Now, the development of online game play has the potential to drive even more dramatic expansion in the media and entertainment market.

Video game companies are developing an everwider range of products that reach beyond the traditional teenage and twenty-something demographic. Video games are also integrating with mobile and social networking technologies.

China has emerged as one of the key markets in Asia Pacific and is increasingly playing a role in content development. It has recently seen some notable listings of software and video games companies on international and domestic stock markets.

We believe this report comes at a timely moment in the evolution of the video games industry. The jury is still out as far as evaluating the success of some of the business models and their ability to secure the revenue streams that will sustain the industry’s future growth.


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