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Скачать Redmond Magazine, March 2008 бесплатно

Redmond Magazine
March 2008 | English | PDF | 77 pages | RS | 13 MB

Redmond magazine is the authoritative, independent voice of the Microsoft IT community, and provides real-world technical, product, news, and industry information for experienced IT professionals working within a Windows platform computing environment.

Our readers are the decision drivers of the industry and include IT managers, network managers, network administrators and system administrators. These technology leaders establish and drive the technical goals of their organizations, buy and recommend specific solutions to achieve these goals, and manage the implementation, integration and maintenance of the technology.

Our editorial mission is to provide readers with the information, strategies, and behind-the-scenes insight into Microsoft and the Windows computing platform so they can make better informed decisions regarding their organizations™ IT infrastructure.

This Issue:

Chasing Yahoo!
Will Microsoft's takeover bid for Yahoo be enough to challenge Google? Plus, we ask if Office PerformancePoint Server is worth the price; it's time to make peace with Windows firewall; we review some of the best project management software around; and much more.


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