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Скачать Nuts and Volts - April 2008 бесплатно


Nuts and Volts - April 2008
PDF | English | 18.3 MB

April 2008

Articles in this issue:

* A Preview Of The New Digiencabulator
* Access Serial Ports With Visual BASICS .NET
* Designers Guide To Reliable Oscillators And Timers
* How To Trick An Op-Amp
* Review: Niagara IV Ink Flow System
* Taming Wall Warts

Many of us have read about (and drooled over!) some of the amazing gadgets the major names in robotics development have displayed over the last couple of decades. Just watching the DARPA Grand Challenge has shown us high-end “LADAR” laser range finders, massive multi-processor computers, and custom-written fuzzy logic based AI computer vision systems.
Schools like CMU and MIT have seven-digit budgets, gobs of space, and tons of components, not to mention the throngs of helpful energy-drink fueled students to assist on such projects. Whereas if you’re like me, you’re limited to devices you can afford after paying all the household bills and eating mac and cheese for lunch every week. But, every once in a while, folks like us can catch a break and get accessto some amazing technology that manages to filter down from the “big shots.” I discovered such a device recently while investigating a new product from Parallax.


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