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Скачать Underwater Photography Magazine 39 (Nov/Dec 2007) бесплатно

Underwater Photography Magazine 39 (Nov/Dec 2007)
PDF file 8Mb | 62 colour pages | Issue n° 39 | RAR 6Mb


News, Travel & Events

Our World Underwater 2008
11th International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade
2008 British Underwater Image Festival (BUIF)
Beneath the Sea 2008
DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition
Rod Klein trip Adventurer II - Raja Ampat
DivePhotoGuide Unveils Website Overhaul
Turtle Week Bali

New Products

Aquatica Nikon D40x housing
Gates Deep Red
Ikelite Housing for Canon A650
Mullin’s Housing Leak Detector
Aquatica remote release
Nexus Nikon D300
Nexus Canon 40D
Fantasea FP-5000

Equipment reviews

Compact cameras update by Peter Rowlands
Fuji Finepix F40 and WP-FXF40 housing
Canon PowerShot A570 IS and WP-DC12
Canon IXUS 75 and WP-DC14 housing
Panasonic DMC-FX01 and DMW-MCFX01
Sony DCS-W90 and MPK-WB
Olympus mju760 and PT-036

A car for the underwater photographer By Alexander Mustard


The East Coast of Bali with Don Silcock
Observing life in the Bay of Fundy By Scott Leslie
Go Big in the Red Sea by Mark Webster


Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007 Report by Alex Mustard


Sorry Willy by Troy Mayne

Book Review

Reefs Revealed by Alex Mustard

Parting Shots by

Randy Veliky SR
Christian Sgarbi
Joe Dovala


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