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Скачать Microwave Engineering Europe July - August 2007 бесплатно


Microwave Engineering Europe July - August 2007
PDF | 44 pages | 8.6 MB

Microwave Engineering is the leading journal for microwave professionals in Europe, serving microwave and RF engineers in design and management with concise, authoritative coverage of mobile communications, radar, satellite communications and industrial applications of radio frequency technology.

Each issue features the most recent technical developments in applications and core technologies

* Technical papers by leading experts around the world providing a detailed analysis of the latest developments.
* A review of the technical news in the popular "In Focus" section
* A section, "New Products and Data", completely devoted to new products, with application notes, data sheets and CD Rom catalogues to support them.
* Throughout the year, special "Focus" topics review developments in applications and core technologies[/center]


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