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Скачать Welding Journal, April 2009 • Volume 88 • Number 4 бесплатно

Welding Journal, April 2009 • Volume 88 • Number 4
American Welding Society | English | Pages: 152 | PDF | 10.37 MB

Know the Keys for Matching Filler Metals to Your Base Material
Selecting the right filler metal is a process of evaluating multiple factors
D. C. Phillips

Addressing the Furture Shortage of Welding and Joining Technicians
Anational center for welding education and training is born to help alleviate the future shortage of welders
J. Ondov and K. Smith

Brazing & Soldering Today

Brazing: An Important Joining Option
Brazing is compared to other joining methods considering the criteria of the application
C. Darling

The Effects of Adding Silver and Indium to Lead-Free Solders
Wettability, microstructure, and microhardness of lead-free solder are shown to improve with small alloy changes
I G. B. Budi Dharma et al.

Exploring Different Brazing and Soldering Methods
Furnace, dip, resistance, and torch methods of brazing and soldering are compared to see which is best for the job
J. Arnold et la.

Induction Soldering Gets Maglev Vehicle on Track
Soldering plays a critical role in the magnetic performance of the levitation system
K. H. Holko

How to Choose Nickel-Base Filler Metals for Vacuum Brazing
The efficiency and cost of making a brazement can depend on the right choice of filler metal
M. Weinstein et al.

Development of a Multiline Laser Vision Sensor for Joint Tracking in Welding
Five laser lines provided the sensor sensitivity to precisely detect the joint in high-speed welding
K. Sung et al.

Effect of Buffer Sheets on the Shear Strength of Ultrasonic Welded Aluminum Joints
Buffer sheets reduced the sticking between the horn and the parts to be welded
M. Baboi and D. Grewell

Methodology for Parameter Calculation of VP-GMAW
Ways to overcome the arc instability of variable negative polarity and alternating current gas metal arc welding were investigated
L. O. Vilarinho et al.

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