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Скачать Creative COW Magazine - Issue 15 бесплатно

Creative COW Magazine
Issue 15 : Heavy Lifting Issue | English | PDF | 7 MB | RS+ES
The Magazine for Media Professionals in Films, Broadcast & Production

The Heavy Lifting Issue of Creative COW Magazine is filled with powerful case studies of media production. Stories include:

Heavy Iron: When You Really Need Results : How an agile business prospers in today’s tough market?

“Flypacking” with the Dalai Lama : A production powerhouse takes it on the road with the Dalai Lama

Designing the Neil Young Archives : Inside the most adventurous Blu-ray disc experience, yet

HD Unleashed! : Wireless uncompressed HD

Bessie’s New Tools Round-Up : Cray Supercomputers comes to the desktop, more

Digital Files On Film? Really? Yes, Really. : Even all-digital productions are mostly shown on film

Valuing Your Time : Taking the emotion out of valuing your time collecting debts

and more.....



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