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Скачать Creative COW Magazine - Issue 11 бесплатно

Creative COW Magazine
Issue 11 : Visual Effects | English | PDF | 6 MB | RS+ES
The Magazine for Media Professionals in Films, Broadcast & Production

The visual effects issue of Creative COW Magazine is filled with ideas, inspiration, techniques and projects from the world of visual effects. Featuring some of the top artists from television and film, the issue takes you inside the incredible visual feast that you see in Warner Bros' ``Pushing Daisies`` -- arguably the most beautiful television world ever created. Then go into the world of invisible effects, looking at the magic created that the audience will never see -- and why these kinds of effects are often more important than the visual and special effects that wow audiences. Also in this issue is an artist who shows how to improvise effects in the production crucible of on-set production -- meeting the needs of the production that weren't planned or storyboarded. Learn the power of shadow effects in your lighting. And in this issue, you will also learn about depth of field converters and the state of Blu-ray production.



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