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Скачать Volvo C70 2008 Owner's Manual бесплатно

Volvo C70 2008 Owner's ManualНазвание: PDF Ebook Volvo C70 2008 Owner's Manual
Год / месяц: 2008
Формат: pdf
Размер: 8 mb

Volvo Car Corporation has global ISO certification, which includes the environmental standard (ISO 14001) covering factories, central functions, as well as several of our other units. We also set requirements for our partners so that they work systematically with environmental issues. EPI (Environmental Product Information) is supplied for all Volvo models. Here you can see how the environment is affected during the entire lifecycle of the car.

00 Introduction
Volvo Car Corporation and the environment
01 Safety
Airbag system
Airbags (SRS)
Activating/deactivating the airbag (SRS)
Side airbags (SIPS bags)
Inflatable Curtain (IC)
Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS)
When the systems deploy
Crash mode
Child safety
02 Instruments and controls
Overview, left-hand drive car
Overview, right-hand drive car
Driver’s door control panel
Combined instrument panel
Indicator and warning symbols
Information display
Electrical socket
Lighting panel
Left-hand stalk switch
Right-hand stalk switch
Cruise control (option)
Steering wheel keypad (option)
Steering wheel adjustment, hazard warning flashers
Parking brake
Power windows
Rearview and door mirrors
Personal preferences
03 Climate control
General information on climate
Electronic climate control, ECC
Air distribution
Fuel-driven heater (option)
04 Interior
Front seats
Electrically operated roof
Wind deflector (option)
Interior lighting
Storage spaces in the passenger compartment
Cargo area
05 Locks and alarm Remote
control with key blade
Active locks
Privacy locking (option)
Keyless drive (option)
Battery in remote control
Locking and unlocking
Alarm (option)
06 Starting and driving
Starting the engine
Diesel particle filter (DPF)
Ignition switch and steering lock
Keyless drive
Manual gearbox
Automatic gearbox
Brake system
DSTC – Stability and traction control system
Parking assistance (option)
BLIS – Blind Spot Information System (option)
Towing and recovery
Jump starting
Driving with a trailer
Towing equipment
Detachable towbar
Adjusting headlamp pattern
07 Wheels and tyres
Tyre pressure
Warning triangle and spare wheel
Changing wheels
Emergency puncture repair
08 Car care
Touching up paintwork
09 Maintenance and service
Volvo service
Bonnet and engine compartment
Oils and fluids
Wiper blades
Replacing bulbs
10 Infotainment system
Audio functions
Radio functions
CD functions
Menu structure – audio system
Phone functions (option)
Menu structure – phone
11 Specifications
Type designation
Dimensions and weights
Engine specifications
Engine oil
Fluids and lubricants
Catalytic converter
Electrical system
Type approval

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