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Скачать Elektor December 2004 бесплатно

Elektor October 2004
English | PDF | 25 MB

Table of Contents Elektor

On the buses
Back to the Future
High Voltage Amplifier
Attitude Sensor
Negative Auxiliary Voltage
Direction-Sensitive Light Barrier
Dimmer with a MOSFET
Discrete Robot
Car Central-Locking System
5 volts from the Mains
IC and SMBus
Unusual LED Blinker
On/Off Button
NiMH Charger for up to six Cells
On-Train Radio Camera
Universal Mains Filter
Flickering Light II
IIR Tool
Simple Audio Peak Detector
Voltage Monitor
Thrifty2-Hz Clock
On-line Conversions
IR Multi-Position Switch
LM4906 Boomer Audio Power Amp
Model Railway Short-Circuit Beeper
Resistor-Equipped Transistors (RETs)
Low-Drop Constant Current Source
Modern SMD Packages
Stable Filament Supply
IR Transmitter with HT12E
USB/IC interface
Heathkit TC-2P Tube Checker
Continuous Flow Soldering
Voltage regulator calculation
Power Supply for USB Devices
LED Christmas Tree

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