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Скачать Elektor July 2004 бесплатно

Elektor July 2004
English | PDF | 39 MB

Table of Contents Elektor

Gated Alarm
Micro Webserver
TV Commercials Killer
Measurement and Control via the Internet
Airflow Monitor a
Simple Darkness Activated Alarm
Zero Gain Mod for Non- Inverting Opamp
CMOS Crystal Frequency Multiplier
Switchless NiCd/NiMH Charger
Doorbell Cascade
SMPSU with a Relay
100 V Regulators
Stepper Motor Generator
Intelligent Flickering Light
The Eternal 555
Reset IC with Selectable Voltages
Monitor Life Xtender
3.3 V or 5V Direct from the Mains
Lineair RF Power Meter
Lifespan of Li-Ion Batteries
Adjustable Zener Diode
Reset Sequencer
Long-Interval Pulse Generator
Irregular Flasher
White LED lamp
Reset from Multiple Power Supplies
Storage Battery Exerciser
LED Light Pen
Triple Power Supply
Save Energy
Pseudo Track Occupancy Detector
Simple NiCd Charger
Voltage levels Control Relays
Whistling Kettle
Programmable Gain Amplifier
Simple Infrared Control Extender
SSB Add-On for AM Receivers
You have Mail!
Digital Isolation up to 100 100 Mbits/s
One Component Oscillator
Power Flip-Flip Using a Triac
Buck/Boost Voltage Converter
Mains Voltage Monitor
Blinker Indicator
UV Torch Light
Motor Turn/Stal Detector
Solar-Powered High Efficiency Charger
Servo Tester using a 4538
USB Converter Controlled via HTML
Steam Whistle
Single-Chip VHF RF Preamp
Codec Complete
Push Off/Push On
Mains Failure Alarm
Meter Adapter with SymmetricalInput
Shortwave Monitor
Relay Coil energy Saver
Two-LED Voltage Indicator
Bluish Flasher
Very Low Power 32-kHz-Oscilla-tor
Master/Slave switch
Tuned Radio Frequency (TRF) Receiver
Inductorless 3-to-5 Volts Con-ter
Stable Zener Reference
PWM Modulator
Acoustic Sensor
Xilinx JTAG Interface
Home Network for ADSL
Light Sensor Technology
IR Servo Motor Interface for RCX
R/C Analyser
Canon EOS Cameras go Wireless
MAX6954 Display Driver
Battery Polarity Protection
Working with ActiveX
Electronic Switch for Modellers
Tomi Engdahl
Luxury Car Interior Light

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