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Скачать Everyday Pracatical Electronic September 2007 бесплатно

Everyday Pracatical Electronic September 2007
86 Pages | 11 mb | RS.com | PDF Format

Pocket T.E.N.S. Unit — Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a technique for reducing the sensation of pain, by applying electrical signals to the affected area. Our latest model is battery powered and uses an oscillator design to generate TENS signals adjustable for voltage level, pulse rate and pulse width. Intermittent or continuous control. Output adjustable from 12V to 80V, 4.6Hz to 410 Hz, pulse width 70 to 320µs.

Flexitimer — this multipurpose timer is much more flexible than previous designs. It can be programmed for a single time period from one second to just under 100 minutes, or a sequence of two such (independently programmed) time periods, or up to 99 cycles of one or two time periods. Easy to program. LCD display. Twin changeover relay outputs. PIC 16F84A-based.

Also in this issue:

V2 PC Scope - Part 2 - rounding off our PIC and PC controlled hobby oscilloscope. Techno Talk - the pitfalls of eco-friendly lighting. PIC n MIX - single wire communication protocol interface for PICs. Using MPLAB Part 4. The Power of Mechatronics (Part 4): adding speech to your application. Practically Speaking - using diodes successfully. Net Work - the Internet column describes how to download our free source codes. Circuit Surgery - Linear Voltage Regulators and Capacitors (Part 2).

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