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Скачать Everyday Pracatical Electronic August 2007 бесплатно

Everyday Pracatical Electronic August 2007
85 Pages | 10 mb | RS.com | PDF Format

TwinTen Stereo Amplifier — the ideal compact amplifier to accompany your MP3 player, games machine etc. This tiny stereo amplifier produces a surprising amount of power considering that it runs from a 16V a.c. 1.25A a.c plug pack.

This is an ideal project for beginners and students because the mains voltage supply is taken care of by a mains adaptor. Includes input selector switch, bass, treble, balance and volume controls. The circuit is built onto a larger-size PCB to help with construction. Output short circuit and thermal overload proof.

Specification - output (both channels into 4 or 8 ohms): 6W. One channel into 4 ohms : 10 watts. THD @ 1 Watt continuous into 8 ohms 0.04%. Frequency Response 10 - 72 kHz. S/N @ 10W into 4 ohms -80dB.

PIC Scope V2 (Part 1) — a PICmicro and PC controlled hobbyist oscilloscope — this update of the Virtual Scope (Jan 1998) is a much simplified version working under both PICmicro and PC control. It is intended for moderately simple signal tracking and display.

The PIC scope allows not only general audio analogue signals from two sources to be displayed on-screen simultaneously but also a waveform analysis of them. It can additionally display the logic waveforms generated by external 8-bit digital signals from a single channel.
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