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Скачать Harley-Davidson Soldiers in Detail бесплатно

Harley-Davidson Soldiers in Detail (Special Museum Line No.33) By Frantisek Koran, Jan Mostek
Publisher: Wings & Wheels Publications 2005 | 48 Pages | ISBN: 8086416437 | PDF | 44 MB

More than 90,000 Harley-Davidsons. Including more than 60.000 WLAs and nearly 20,000 WLCs, were produced during the war. and the spore parts concurrently produced by Harley-Davidson cor­responded to more 30 000 motorcycles. It is estimated, according to the manufacturer's archives that some five hundred Harleys were sent to Europe. The motorcycles were put into service in the US Army as a liaison, convoy escort and police vehicles. The last time when the Harley-Davidson motorcycles were used also as reconna­issance were Cavalry manoeuvres in spring and summer of 1941. Most of the task having been dedicated to the motorcycles were subsequently taken over by another military vehicle with better cross­country performance, higher stability and requiring much less trai­ning to operate, the Jeep When the war ended the only motorcyc­les retained in the service in the US Army were the WLAs.


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