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Скачать After The Battle No.60 - The Maginot Line бесплатно

After The Battle No.60 - The Maginot Line By Winston G.Ramsey
Publisher: Battle of Britian International Ltd. 1991 | 59 Pages | ISSN: 0306154X | PDF | 45 MB

THE MAGINOT LINE - Jean Paul Pallud tells the detailed story of and visits the remains from the pre-war French fortifications constructed by Monsieur Andr Maginot. Chapters include A Failure?, Fortifications, Maginot at War, La Fert, Fermont, Immerhof, Zeiterholz, Hackenberg, Bambesch, Simserhof, Schoenenbourg, Esch Casemate, Marckolsheim South Casemate, The Marckolsheim Memorial. It Happened Here - The Fate of a Whitley - The end of T4145 GE-'P for Peter' of No. 58 Squadron on April 7, 1941 in the Netherlands as told by J. C. Maarschalkerweerd. 50 Years Ago - Hitler Visits Italy - The Fhrer's visit to Italy in April 1938. Wreck Recovery - The Exhumation of a Humber - Wartime relic recovered from a farm in Lancashire. Readers' Investigations - Return to the Berghof - Judge Jim R. Osborne investigates the subterranean remains at Hitler's mountain retreat.


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