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Скачать After The Battle No.36 - Walcheren бесплатно

After The Battle No.36 - Walcheren By Winston G.Ramsey
Publisher: Battle of Britian International Ltd. 1982 | 54 Pages | ISSN: 0306154X | PDF | 27 MB

The Battle For Walcharen Island which had begun on the 1st of November 1944.
Hitler has declared this island a bastion, which means that his men were forbidden to surrender, and would fight to the last man, the island was used for launching V1 rockets, and was of stratigic importance.
General Patton was quoted a saying that the capture of Walcharan Island would considrably shorten the war.
The Germans surrendered on the 8th of November 1944 and the British and Canadian casualties numbered 8.000.


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