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Скачать Mitsubishi J2m Raiden "Jack" бесплатно

Mitsubishi J2m Raiden "Jack" (Mushroom Yellow Series 6110) By Robert Peczkowski
Publisher: Mushroom Model Publications 2004 | 128 Pages | ISBN: 8391632776 | PDF | 30 MB

This new book covers the pugnacious Japanese 'Raiden' fighter, developed at much the same time as the famous Zero and by the same team. However, the emphasis for it was on speed, rate of climb, and heavier armament. These were radical departures from the usual Japanese emphasis on light weight and manoeuverability. Given the Allied code name 'Jack', this fighter was slow to appear in JNAF service, but frorm 1943 onwards gave the Japanese Navy an effective interceptor whose importance escalated as USAAF attacks on the homeland intensified. The book describes the technical development of the Raiden, and illustrates all versions with photos and plans. The J2M2 Model 11, J2M3 Model 21, J2M4 Model 32, J2M5 Model 33 and the J2M6 Model 31 are all discussed. There are 80 pages in the book, 36 wartime black and white photos, 94 pictures taken of the sole remaining Raiden in a museum (these are walk-around type pictures and we are never told where these were taken - too bad). There are 34 full color side profiles and two of these are two views with the top shown also. There are 25 black and white line drawings showing various parts of the Raiden's anatomy and four tech data tables. Quite a bit of information!! This book will be an invaluable reference source for Japanese aviation enthusiasts, modelers and historians. Highly recommended.


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