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Скачать Lockheed Hudson Mk. I to Mk. VI бесплатно

Warpaint Series No. 59 - Lockheed Hudson Mk. I to Mk. VI By Alan W. Hall
Publisher: Warpaint Books 1999 | 37 Pages | ASIN: B000ZAVT8C | PDF | 37 MB

During the mid-1930s great advances were made in aeronautical design and engineering, new more powerful engines were developed allowing greater distances to be flown and both freight and passengers transported across continents. The North Atlantic had been flown by both multi and single engined aircraft and both in Europe and North America aircraft such as the Lockheed 14, Douglas DC-3 and the Boeing 247D were establishing regular pas­senger routes which implied scheduled serv­ices, accurate navigation and fares that could be reached by the rich and famous. In Europe a number of airlines bought American manufactured aircraft which were supplemented by such types as the Junkers Ju 52/3m in Germany and the Ensign and Albatross in Britain apart from the Empire flying boats...


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