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Скачать Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 12 to and Variants бесплатно

Nuts and Bolts - Vol 16 - Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 12 to and Variants ( Daimler - Benz ) ( Sd.kfz. 8 ) By Heiner F. and Greenland, Tony and Schulz, Frank and Terlisten, Detlev Duske
Publisher: Nuts & Bolts 2000 | 192 Pages | ASIN: B000YNVDFY | PDF | 32 MB

Dring the pre Second World War mechanisation of the German army. half-tracks held a special position. These hybrid vehicles combined rwo different concepts in an ideal way. High speed was adopted from regulr wheel driven vehicles as well as the low noise emission. High tractive power and ideal off road mobility was the second advantage. The development history of such vehicles has been described in previous Nuts & Bolts Volumes and therefore the current publication will only highlight some milestones. Reference to Volume 12 will assist in understanding the development details. However. a brief summary of both products and development with the parent Company of Daimler-Benz is described below. Even before World War I the Berlin based Daimler-Motoren Gesellschaft developed a vehicle for the usage in the German African colonies. In the beginning it was believed that a fourwheel drive truck would be sufficient, however due to the bad road conditions the vehicle was modified by an additional rear axle and a rotating steel track. Only one vehicle of the so-called "Kolonialwagen" was built.


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