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Скачать Magyar Steel бесплатно

Magyar Steel (Mushroom Green Series 4101) By Csaba Becze
Publisher: Mushroom Model Publications 2007 | 84 Pages | ISBN: 8389450291 | PDF | 59 MB

This book tells the story, for the first time in English, of Hungarian armour operations during World War II. Using both Hungarian-designed and -built armoured vehicles and German ones, the Hungarian forces fought bravely on the Eastern Front against overwhelming odds. Their German "allies" were not always supportive or friendly! This is the story of Magyar Steel - a rarely documented aspect of World War Two tank warfare. It is illustrated with rare wartime photographs, plus colour photographs of the few surviving Hungarian AFVs of the period, and computer generated artwork showing camouflage and markings. It is essential reading for military historians, tank and AFV enthusiasts and scale modellers.


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