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Скачать Vickers Wellington (Warpaint Series 10) бесплатно

Vickers Wellington (Warpaint Series 10) By Alan W Hall
Publisher: Hall Park Books LTD 1985 | 32 Pages | ASIN: B001QFC5L0 | PDF | 17 MB

The Vickers Wellington was one of those aircraft that seemed to go on for ever. In spite of the glamour and publicity gained by the Lancaster and Halifax, Wellingtons flew operationally for much longer during World War 2 and were still in widespread use for some considerable time afterwards as trainer aircraft, both for pilots of multi-engined air­craft and as crew trainers.
Wellingtons served in Bomber, Coastal and Flying Training Commands, adopted civil markings post-war and were invaluable platforms for a number of engine and air­frame modifications that required air testing.
When production finally ceased there had been 11,461 Wellingtons built, making it one of the most prolific bombers of World War 2. It is therefore surprising that only one Mk. X trainer still exists apart from the remains of a Mk. I that was raised from Loch Ness, Scotland in September 1985, and at the time of writing, was almost completely re-built by enthusiasts at Brooklands Museum.


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