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Скачать B-47 Stratojet in Action бесплатно

B-47 Stratojet in Action (Aircraft 28) By Lou Drendel, Tom Y'Blood
Publisher: Squadron Signal Publications 1976 | 50 Pages | ASIN: B0006CW7DU | PDF | 13 MB

The B-47 was the backbone of SAC's bomber fleet In the 'fifties, yet only 2,042 Stratojets were built for the "Cold War" period. Compare this with the over 12,700 B-17s built for use during World War Two. Although only a relatively small number of B-47s were built, those were quite capable of doing the job in the early to middle years of the jet age.
Design on what was to become the B-47 began in 1943. It was not until 1945, however, that its definitive form began to take shape. In competition with the XB-45, XB-46, XB-48 and XB-49, only the last could offer any design advancement that could compare with the XB-47.
With six jet engines, a 35-degree swept wing and a surprisingly small crew of three, the Stratojet was a daring leap forward in aircraft design. The Air Force was very pleased with Boeing's design and two prototypes (46-065 and 46-066) were ordered. 46-065 was rolled out of its Seattle hanger on 12 September 1947. Powered by 3,750-lb. thrust General Electric J35s, it flew on 17 December 1947. Later the entire B-47 fleet was powered by a series of progressively uprated J47 engines.


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