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Скачать US Army Gun Heavy Motorized 280mm M65 Atomic Annie бесплатно

US Army Gun Heavy Motorized 280mm M65 Atomic Annie (Tankograd Technical Manual 6008) By Michael ( Ed. ) Franz
Publisher: Tankograd Publishing 2006 | 52 Pages | ASIN: B000Z1K8U6 | PDF | 76 MB

The history of the Atomic Cannon reaches back into World War II. In November 1944, the U.S. Army expressed the need for a heavy, mobile long-range artillery weapon for attacking enemy field for­tifications or communication centers and for counterbattery fire on enemy long-range artillery. This requirement led to the initiation of development of the 240mm Gun Tl. In October 1946, the Chief of Ordnance assigned Watertown Arsenal the responsibility to devel­op the carriage and Waterfliet Arsenal the responsibility for devel­opment of the 240mm gun. The final design was approved in May 1947 and in 1950, two prototype 240mm guns had been completed and were tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground.


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