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Скачать Aces of the Eighth - Fighter Pilots Planes & Outfits of the VIII Air Force (SS 6001) бесплатно

Aces of the Eighth - Fighter Pilots Planes & Outfits of the VIII Air Force (SS 6001) By Gene B. & Hess, William N. Stafford
Publisher: Squadron Signal Publications 1973 | 64 Pages | ASIN: B002L4MKO2 | PDF | 24 MB

In March 1943 the skies over occupied Europe were dominated by an experienced and confident Luftwaffe. Many of the German pilots were veterans of more than three years of aerial warfare against first rate opposition, and even the inability of the Germans to bring the Royal Air Force to its knees in the Battle of Britain had not dampened the morale of the men. There had been some drain on the air power on the Western Front to meet the needs of other fronts, but this drain had been almost insignificant in terms of total strength. The Germans were much more concerned with the nocturnal bombing raids of the RAF than the feeble attempts of the Americans to mount a daylight bomber offensive.
Both of the great air powers in Europe had tried daylight bombing and had found that it led to excessive losses for the attacking force. It was only natural to believe that the American philosophy of precision daylight bombing would run on to the same hard rocks of reality that had forced the Germans and the British to seek the relative safety of darkness for bombing missions. The major problem was the inability to protect the bombers from concerted attacks by fighters.


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