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Скачать World War Two AFV's Armoured Fighting Vehicles & Self-Propelled Artillery бесплатно

World War Two AFV's Armoured Fighting Vehicles & Self-Propelled Artillery By George Forty
Publisher: Os Publishing 1996 | 207 Pages | ASIN: B000QRUV5Q | PDF | 41 MB

The Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) played a major role in World War Two The Artillery found it necessary to mechanise some of its field pieces. Armoured Cars were called upon to carry out tasks in addition to reconnaissance. Tank Destroyers were designed to seek, and destroy enemy armour.
Add to this fascinating array such oddities as speedy oversnow Aerosans (armoured, fast sledges), deployed by the Red Army, to enormous seige guns weighing over 1(H) tons, to small remotely controlled and tracked demolition vehicles only six feet in length, to the massive and powerfully equipped armoured trains deployed by the Soviet Union and Germany.
The book contains over 300 photographs from such important collections as the Tank Museum, Bovington, England; the Panzer Museum, Minister, Germany and the Patton Museum of Cavalry & Armor, Fort Knox, USA. The colour sections are illustrated with many examples of rare AFVs, some are preserved in museums whilst others are in private collections, all carefully restored.


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