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Скачать Junkers Ju 52 in Action бесплатно

Junkers Ju 52 in Action (Aircraft 10) By Uwe Feist, Mike Dario
Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications 1973 | 52 Pages | ASIN: B0006DZ2RC | PDF | 14 MB

The Ju 52/3M began life in 1930 when a new low winged single-engined passenger/cargo airplane bearing the Junkers trademark of external corrugated aluminum skinning was wheeled out of the factory hanger for taxying tests. Flying for the first time on October 13, 1930, powered by one 800 h.p. Junkers L.88 engine, the design was an immediate success. For nearly a year the single engined Ju 52 was built and tested with various powerplants and several were exported - one to Canada and one to Sweden.
With a pedigree that reached back to 1919 the Junker's Ju 52 was the end result of a progressive development of a line of all metal transport aircraft initiated by the Junkers Aircraft company in 1919. The "Tante Ju" (Auntie Ju) or "Iron Annie" as it was affectionately known by, has soldiered in the air for over forty years and still continues to fly today. Junker Ju 52/3m's have served with the air fleets of many nations in the past and at least four countries — Sweden, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland still operate them.
In 1931 Dipl. Ing. Zindel, Junker's chief designer, developed the three engined Ju 52/3m as a successor to the single engined Ju 52. The earliest known Ju 52/3m, Werke Nr. 4008, was delivered to Lloyd Aero Boliviano in 1932. Six additional aircraft were delivered to the Bolivian airline and during the Bolivian -Paraguayan dispute of 1932 - 35 they were used as military transports - the first known use of the Ju 52/3m in its destined role.


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