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Скачать Aeroplane Monthly 1987 No 07 бесплатно

Aeroplane Monthly 1987 No 07
Издательство: IPC Tansport Press
Количество страниц: 56
Формат: pdf
Размер: 31,6 mb

Magazine Contents:
Grapevine - Michael Oakey's monthly review of happenings in the aircraft preservation world - plus Hangar stores
1950 RAF Display - M J Hardy remembers the RAF's only post-war attempt to repeat the great Hendon displays of post-war days - at Farnborough in July 1950
Per mare probare - In Part Four of their series on aeroplanes tested by the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment at Felixstowe, Alec Lumsden and Terry Heffernan examine the Fairey Flycatcher
Surplus to requirements - Part Two of Rex Nicholls' picture series on ex-FiAF aircraft put onto the civil market at the end of World War Two concentrates on the Avro Anson Mk I
Reef encounter - Robert Cockburn reports on a vintage Grumman Mallard flying-boat still operating over Australia's Great Barrier Reef—with stunning colour photography by Cheryl Graham
Personal album - An evocative selection of inter-war British civil aircraft
Armament flight - Part 3 - WgCdr R.E 'Tich" Havercroft concludes his vivid recollections of rocket and cannon flight trials with Boscombe Down's Armament Testing Squadron during World War Two
Forties favourites - No 3 - In the third of a series of features from our archives we examine the Short Stirling - with the help of a J. H. dark wartime cutaway drawing
Camera competition - Your chance to win a 35mm SLR camera complete with flashgun and autowinder
Preservation profile - Aeronca C-3 G-AEFT is this month's subject
Wings of peace - John Stroud's series on between-the-wars European airliners continues with the Junkers-W 33. W 34 and Ju 46
The Auxiliary tradition - Part 4 - Wg Cdr Jack Meadows DEC AFC AE continues his series on the post-war Royal Auxiliary Air Force, and recalls his squadron's special association with its Honorary Air Commodore, HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
For business and pleasure - Mike Jer ram's series on British post-war private and club aircraft continues with the Auster J/2 Arrow and its inline-engined derivative, the J/4


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