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Скачать TIME Magazine October 8, 2007 бесплатно

TIME Magazine October 8, 2007TIME Magazine October 8, 2007 Vol. 170 No. 15
Author: TIME Magazine editors
Published by: Time Warner: Time Inc. (U.S. Edition)
File size: 3.00 MB
File type: DOC (MS Word)

• COVER: The Osprey: A Flying Shame - $20 billion later, the V-22 Osprey arrives in Iraq to make its combat debut — lacking firepower and the ability to land safely
• TECHNOLOGY: The Worm That Roared - The most sophisticated virus of all time may be a front for a new kind of organized crime
• SCIENCE: Souped-Up Telescope - An observatory in California may outperform the orbiting
Hubble--without ever leaving the ground
• SOCIETY: Till Work Do Us Part - Desirable jobs lead some dual-career couples into dual-address marriages--with surprising bonuses



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