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Скачать Balance Magazine, Winter 2008 бесплатно

Balance Magazine, Winter 2008
English | PDF | 84 pages | 6.8 MB

Balance Magazine - health, wealth and happiness - is passionate and committed to being the essential resource for today’s busy, baby boomer woman.

It is a quarterly, innovative and trend setting magazine, with a nich of its own. Our focus is to inspire, celebrate, empower, enlighten, entertain and bring forth a positive attitude to reflect the energy of health, wealth, and happiness—with wit, sophistication and style - to help baby boomer women achieve personal and professional balance.

We feature short and easy-to-read, smart, cutting-edge, articles with practical, proven tools and wisdom that stimulate minds and extend visions. We address every aspect of our readers’ busy lives with articles that have a positive impact. Balance covers topics of interest, in a grown-up voice, that enables and empowers women to design and choose their own lives—ignoring limitations and staying open to life’s possibilities. We always have her needs in mind—her struggles, issues and concerns—we address matters in ways that are practical, insightful and inspiring to achieve the well-rounded and balanced life she wants and deserves.
We are one of the few publications of its kind. Balance centers on what is practical, useful, real and true-enriching mind and nourishing the spirit. Balance Magazine is the voice of today’s intelligent, energetic, confident, vibrant, time-pressed woman—who seeks to balance family, work, love and time for herself. Priorities not perfection!



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