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Скачать New England Bride Magazine, April 2008 бесплатно


New England Bride Magazine, April 2008
EXE | 38 pages | 8.6 MB

New England Bride Magazine is the America’s Only Monthly Regional Bridal magazine. Our subscription list is between 10,000 and 13,000 brides and we attract 50-100 new brides to our database on average every single day. Don't miss the opportunity to reach thousands of brides.

New England Bride Inc. is one of the Most Influential and Dynamic Marketing Forces in the Eastern New England bridal market.

As one of the only Multimedia Bridal Companies in New England for over 27 years, our focus is specifically on Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our multi-marketing strategy includes magazines, bridal shows, custom reception site brochures, online advertising, and much more.

New England Bride’s magazine subscribers exceed 10,000 real brides-to-be, and our 45 bridal shows have drawn thousands of brides over the past 3 years.


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