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Скачать Cosmopolitan UK, December 2007 бесплатно

Cosmopolitan UK, December 2007
PDF | English | 66.3 MB

Tess Daly & Vernon Kay
Want the get Tess's loved-up look? The straight-talking couple tell it like it is in their marriage.

Keira Knightley
"I work to live, not the other way around."

Bend Heads Like Beckham
Victoria shares her ultimate party-glamour dos and don'ts.

All I Want for Christmas Is...
Cosmo hits the streets of Britain to find out what you'll be putting on your list for Santa this year.

How To Be a Total Man Magnet
Tactical pulling tricks from a woman who's paid to know the best ones!

Snowed Under?
Five tips for a more stress-free way of living.

What's Your Fertility Future?
Find out if your body will be ready for babies when you are.

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