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Скачать Finding the Best Business School for You: Looking Past the Rankings бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Everette E. Dennis, Sharon P. Smith, "Finding the Best Business School for You: Looking Past the Rankings"
Praeger Publishers | 2006 | ISBN: 0275988201 | 224 pages | PDF | 1 MB

“Dennis and Smith offer potential MBA students practical insights into selecting a master's-level business program and getting the most from their MBA experience. Given the enormous popularity of MBA education today, this book will be of special interest to professionals and aspiring managers/executives considering pursuing an MBA or specialized master's degree in business, as well as to faculty teaching in these programs. The book's 14 readable chapters explore the appeal of MBA degrees and whether or not this attraction is warranted; provide an inside look at the history, nature, scope, virtues, challenges, and failures of the MBA degree; and outline an approach that readers can utilize to evaluate the potential of various MBA programs to meet their professional and personal goals. Along the way, the authors explore the rise and problems of MBA ranking sources and their possible value and relevance to student selection decisions. The book closes by discussing how business schools are changing and will continue to evolve. All in all, an informative, thoughtful primer on the role of master's-level business education in today's world of commerce. Recommended. Public, academic, and professional library collections.”–Choice

“For prospective MBA students, Dennis and Smith detail how to choose a business school that is most suitable for them, based on their "portfolio approach" to MBA education, in which students design their own programs. They outline reasons to get an MBA, deconstruct school rankings, describe how to use them as just one source of information, and discuss how the concept of return on investment can be used to choose a school, as well as by gauging career success and personal satisfaction. They then examine important personal factors and the influence of globalization.”–Reference & Research Book News

“Business schools are becoming increasingly different from one another, and keyed to students' individual career goals. Finding the Best Business School for You will help readers employ the same critical skills in the important MBA selection process that they will later use in their studies. It's also a primer on rapid change underway in this highly practical form of education.”–Andrew Leckey Director, Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism, American Press Institute, Reston, Va.

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