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Скачать Introductory Economics (Micro and Macro) A Textbook for Class XII бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Introductory Economics (Micro and Macro) A Textbook for Class XII
By Dutta, Subhendu , Lecturer, Deptt. of Economics, Public College of Economics, (Nagaland Uni.), Dimapur, Nagaland
New Age International 2006 | 256 Pages | ISBN : 9788122418309; 9788122422474 | PDF | 1.8 MB

Introductory Economics ?A Textbook for Class XII deals with fundamentals of Micro and Macroeconomics for the beginners as per the new syllabus issued by NBSE and CBSE. Part-A of the book deals with Microeconomics containing five units and Part-B contains another six units explaining the basics of Macroeconomics. A total of eleven units have been suitably divided into twenty seven chapters.

Other important features of the book are:
Special notes on Giffen goods, Vablen goods, Great depression, Marxian unemployment, Gresham?s law etc.
153 solved questions taken from NBSE examination papers.
39 solved numerical problems on important topics.
NBSE question papers from 1995 to 2005.
A brief explanation of important economic terms.
Simplified figures and tables to grasp the subject.
A brief life history of famous Economists.
Written in very simple language substantiated with real life examples.
Useful for both Arts and Commerce students (CBSE; NBSE).
Tips to pass examination in a better way.

About the Author:
Subhendu Dutta is lecturer, Department of Economics, Public College of Commerce, Nagaland University. He obtained MA [Economics] (First-class-First) from Assam University, Silchar and was awarded Gold Medal for the same. He is presently engaged in research on rural development in Nagaland.


UNIT 1? Introduction to Microeconomics Problems of an Economy
UNIT 2? Consumer Behaviour Demand and Law of Demand Elasticity of Demand
UNIT 3? Theory of Production Supply and its Determinants Concepts of Cost Concepts of Revenue
UNIT 4?Forms of Market and Price Determination
UNIT 5?Factor Price DeterminationFactor Prices, Comparative Advantage and International TradePART-B: INTRODUCTORY MACROECONOMICS

UNIT 6?Intro-duction to Macroeconomics

UNIT 7?National Income and Related AggregatesMeasure-ments of National Income?Value Added MethodMeasurement of National Income?Income MethodsMeasurement of National Income?Expenditure Method
UNIT 8?Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Consumption Function Determination of Income and Employment Concept of Multiplier Excess and Deficient Demand

UNIT 9? Money? Meaning as Functions Banking

UNIT 10 ? Government Budget Meaning and Components

UNIT 11?Foreign Exchange Rate Meaning and Determination Balance of Payments Account?Its Meaning and Components
APPENDICES?Solved Questions from Exam. Papers Solved Numerical Problems NBSE Question Papers (1995?2005) Elementary Economic Terms



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