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Скачать Working with Difficult People (Worksmart Series) бесплатно

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Working with Difficult People (Worksmart Series) By Michael S. Dobson, William Lundin Ph.D., Kathleen Lundin
Publisher: AMACOM 2008-09-08 | 128 Pages | ISBN: 0814401686 | PDF | 1.2 MB

Working with difficult people can reduce your morale, threaten your productivity, deplete your energy, and waste your time. But you don't have to be helpless in the face of other people's craziness! Knowing how to handle coworkers' disruptive behavior is one of the most important career skills you can have, allowing you to become a more valuable employee and a more self-reliant person.

Working with Difficult People defines nine fundamental types of difficult people and gives you a complete system for opening lines of communication, resolving differences, and avoiding office headaches. This audiobook teaches you how to:

•understand your own reactions to different kinds of difficult people
•explore the interrelationship between yourself and the problematic employee — whether it's a boss, fellow coworker, or someone you manage
•practice healthier responses to those who make your life miserable

You'll find out how to proactively manage your relationships with those who are mean and angry, suspicious, pessimistic, shy, narcissistic, overly competitive, controlling, and more. This audio edition includes an action plan for preparing for encounters and confrontations as well as all-new verbal self-defense tips, guidance on how to master power dynamics, and ways to differentiate between situational issues and psychological ones.

Learning how to handle difficult people and disruptive behaviors is a critical career skill in today's high-stress workplace. Now, any amployee can learn how to approach and respond to difficult people by mastering some of the approaches and techniques included in this newest WorkSmart guide.

William Lundin, Ph.D. and Kathleen Lundin are the authors of When Smart People Work for Dumb Bosses. They live in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Michael S. Dobson is a consultant and popular seminar leader in communications, personal success, and project management. He is the president of his own consulting firm whose clients have included Calvin Klein Cosmetics and the Department of Health and Human Services. He is the author of several books including Managing Up. He lives in Bethesda, Maryland.






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