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Скачать Home Finance for Dummies бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Home Finance for Dummies by Focus Multimedia Ltd
Delivery Restrictions: Available for delivery to the UK and most countries in Europe 25 Oct 2002| 14 Pages | ASIN: B00006NSTD | PDF | 1 MB

Do you run your home finances or do they run you? If your finances are spiralling out of control you might want to try Home Finance for Dummies, a program that allows you to efficiently manage your accounts in pounds.

To help get your finances back under control, you simply create an account by specifying an initial balance, then you fill in various categories of spending on the budget sheets. The software will automatically subtract or add all your expenses and receipts.

You can also indicate the limit that you don't want to exceed for specific categories. So you can cap the amount you might spend each month on going out to the cinema or the total you spend on shopping. If you go over that amount, an actual alarm will sound.

By using this handy program, your initial balance will increase or decrease according to the debits or credits that you enter. Overall this program will help to bring greater clarity to your spending and will let you clearly see what your spending patterns are. At the end of each month you can easily print off a monthly record of what you have spent in each of your agreed categories. You can print the figures out in a colourful pie chart which will give you a good idea of how your bank manager is likely to be feeling. --Justin Hunt

Manufacturer's Description

Step 1: Create your account by inputting your initial balance

Step 2: Monitor your daily income and expenditure in the budget table

Step 3: Visual graphs display the distribution of your average monthly budget

It’s as easy as that! Let the computer do all the work, it’s better than you at maths…

The For Dummies series has finally landed onto your computer! No more never-ending installations, confusing instructions, and wasted hours trying to make the software work! We have taken all the necessary steps to make this software user-friendly for absolutely anyone. For Dummies – it’s computer software made easy for everyone!






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