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Скачать How to Live a Low-Carbon Life: The Individuals Guide to Stopping Climate Change бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Chris Goodall, "How to Live a Low-Carbon Life: The Individuals Guide to Stopping Climate Change"
Earthscan Publications Ltd. | 2007-03-30 | ISBN: 1844074269 | 326 pages | PDF | 2,6 MB

Individual action is now recognized as one of the keys to tackling climate change - the greatest challenge facing humanity

* Shows how consumers can conduct a personal and household `carbon audit,' take decisive action for lowering their carbon footprint and save money
* User-friendly and comprehensive: includes tables for calculating carbon emissions and monetary costs and savings and methods for making choices for maximum carbon and cost reduction
* Companion website with easy-to-use spreadsheets and up to the minute figures and product information

How to Live a Low Carbon Life provides a comprehensive, one-stop reference guide to calculating individual carbon emissions and it lays out clear plans for how individuals can reduce their emissions. Covering all aspects of modern life from transport to home heating to where our food comes from to the vexing issue of holiday travel, the book provides easy-to-use tables for conducting a personal lifestyle `carbon audit'.

This thorough and wide-ranging handbook provides all the information needed for people and families to understand their impacts on the world's climate. It gives them the information to enable them to adjust lifestyles and live a responsible life. Written in an optimistic tone, it shows how easy it is to take responsibility and reduce our personal carbon emissions.

Enjoy this great book! Brought to you by SMIRK



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