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Скачать New Investment Frontier 3: A Guide to Exchange Traded Funds for Canadians бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Howard J. Atkinson, Donna Green, "New Investment Frontier 3"
Publisher: Insomniac Press | 2000-09-01 | ISBN 1894663888 | PDF | 312 pages | 13.4 MB

Exchange traded funds have been called the next generation of mutual funds. Essentially, ETFs are low cost, tax-efficient mutual funds that trade on a stock exchange. In 2000, there were 30 ETFs trading on North American stock exchanges with assets of US$36.5 billion. Three years later, despite the worst equity bear market in 70 years, ETFs number 130 and assets have soared to over US$100 billion. Canada was home to the first successful ETF in the world. Now the largest Canadian ETF, the i60 Fund is one of the most heavily traded TSX issues. This is the only book that guides Canadians through the innovative world of ETFs. It includes ETF investment strategies, tax and cost considerations, industry interviews, and a valuable ETF reference section to help you invest like a professional.



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