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Скачать Options made easy бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Guy Cohen "Options made easy"
Financial Times Prentice Hall | 2002-09-23 | ISBN: 0273654993 | 336 pages | PDF | 3 MB

From the Publisher
“Guy Cohen cuts through the fog and helps all levels of investors grasp the most intricate concepts. He does so with great clarity and brevity despite covering such a broad set of topics. His is an invaluable guide for the interested beginner and the most advanced trader.”
–Ned Bennett, CEO, optionsXpress, Inc.
"The best book on options I have ever come across."
–Alpesh B. Patel, bestselling author of Trading Online and Mind of a Trader
"Guy Cohen really does make options easy. Each options strategy has both a visual diagram of the risk and reward, as well as a logical explanation of how the strategy works. Combined with primers on fundamental and technical analysis, Guy shows you how to put the odds in your favor in today's options markets."
–Price Headley, Founder, BigTrends.com and author of Big Trends in Trading
"Guy Cohen has put together a comprehensive, easy to understand, must-read on options for investors of all levels. Practical in its approach, the graphics bring clarity to what beginning investors might consider complicated strategies."
–Joseph Sellitto, Director Retail Derivatives, E*TRADE Securities LLC
"This is one of the best books on option strategies I have ever read."
–Daniel J. Zanger, President, Chartpattern.com
"Guy Cohen builds a foundation for thereader with simple definitions and clear mechanics on what can be a complicated topic. He then approaches each strategy with a context of fundamental and technical analysis and sets the stage for a solid understanding of risk, reward and probability."
–Dave Whitmore, Managing Director, Products & Services, Ameritrade, Inc.

In Options Made Easy, Second Edition, Guy Cohen clearly explains everything you need to know about options in plain English so that you can start trading fast and make consistent profits in any market, bull or bear!
Simply and clearly, the author reveals secrets of options trading that were formerly limited to elite professionals–and exposes the dangerous myths that keep investors from profiting.
As you set out on your options journey, you'll learn interactively through real-life examples, anecdotes, case studies, and pictures. Guy Cohen is your friendly expert guide, helping you pick the right stocks, learn the right strategies, create the trading plans that work, and master the psychology of the winning trader.
Master all the essentials–and put them to work
Options demystified so that you can get past the fear and start profiting!
Learn the safest ways to trade options
Identify high-probability trades that lead to consistent profits
Design a winning Trading Plan–and stick to it
Understand your risk profile and discover exactly when to enter and exit your trades
Choose the right stocks for maximum profit
Screen for your best opportunities–stocks that are moving–or are about to move
Discover the optimum strategies for you
Match your trading strategies to your personal investment goals
No bull! The realities and myths of the markets
What you must know about fundamental and technical analysis
The easy, plain-English guide to making consistent profits with options!
Teaches all the essentials with real-life examples and crystal-clear explanations
No complicated math or confusing jargon: Learn visually with easy-to-understand pictures!
Identify high-probability trades, and design a Trading Plan that works
Master practical, easy strategies for succeeding in any environment–even bear markets
Updated for today's markets with even more dynamic graphics, intuitive explanations, and valuable information!
For every investor interested in trading options
When you read this book, you'll be amazed how quickly you understand options–and how quickly you can start profiting from them!

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