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Скачать Blue Revolution by Ian Calder бесплатно

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Blue Revolution (Revised Edition) by Ian Calder
Earthscan Publications | November 2005 | ISBN: 1844072401 | 352 pages | PDF | 5 MB

This update to Blue Revolution provides further evidence of the need to integrate land management decisionmaking into the process of integrated water resources management. It presents the key issues involved in finding the balance between the competing demands for land and water: for food and other forms of economic production, for sustaining livelihoods, and for conservation, amenity, recreation, and the requirements of the environment. It also advocates the means and methodologies for addressing them.

A new chapter, Policies, Power and Perversity, describes the perverse outcomes that can result from present, often myth-based, land and water policies which do not consider these land and water interactions. New research and case studies involving ILWRM concepts are presented for the Panama Canal catchments and in relation to afforestation proposals for the U.K. Midlands.

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Boxes, Tables, Figures and Plates vi
Acronyms and Abbreviations xiii
Preface xvii
Acknowledgements xx

Introduction: The Revolution 1

1 New Understanding: Land Use and Water Interactions 5

2 Forests and Water: Myths and Mother Statements 29

3 Water Resources and the Limits Concept: A Systems Approach to Estimating Evaporation 63

4 The New Ideals 75

5 Policies, Power and Perversity 135

6 Water Resource Conflicts 175

7 Integrated Land and Water Resource Management 267

Appendix 1 IWRM and ILWRM Contact and Linking Organizations 315

Appendix 2 Glossary of Participatory Tools 321

References 325
Index 347

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