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Скачать Professional Financial Advisor II: How the Financial Services Industry Hides the Ugly Truth бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

John de Goey, "Professional Financial Advisor II: How the Financial Services Industry Hides the Ugly Truth"
Not Avail | 2006-09 | ISBN: 1897178298 | 360 pages | PDF | 17,3 MB

Advance praise for The Professional Financial Advisor II
Many talk and write about fees but often forget the other parts of the equation:
value provided in return and professional standards. John De Goey
hits the nail squarely on the head. The candour and passion with which he
presents and discusses these issues is refreshing.
—Dan Hallett, CFA, CFP, President, Dan Hallett & Associates Inc.
You don't have to agree with everything John De Goey says to concede that
he plays in a higher league when it comes to ethics and doing what is right
for the client.
—Rob Carrick, the Globe and Mail
A wise, provocative, and well-written book. It makes a convincing case
that success comes from the application of the sound principles of professionalism.
—David H. Maister, author of True Professionalism and co-author of The
Trusted Advisor
John De Goey's insights into what he terms "embedded compensation"
and compensation biases made an important contribution to the development
of the Fair Dealing Model and the articulation of the FDM and its
goal to eliminate futile regulatory requirements while promoting true professionalism
in the financial service industry.
—Julia Dublin, Barrister and Solicitor, Alyesworth LLP
There are a number of distinct schools of thought on how securities are
priced and traded on the secondary market. For example, value-based analysts,
technical analysts, and efficient markets proponents all make different
assumptions about the usefulness to investors of different types of
company, economic, and market information. It is important for an
investor to understand these differences and to select the approach that
reflects their views. This book provides some useful insight on security
—Eric Kirzner, Professor and John H. Watson Chair in Value Investing,
Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto


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