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Скачать Got Money?: Enjoy It, Manage It--Even Save Some of It--Financial Advice for Your Twenties and Thirties бесплатно

25 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Научная литература » Экономика | Комментариев: 0

Got Money?: Enjoy It, Manage It--Even Save Some of It--Financial Advice for Your Twenties and Thirties by Jeff Wuorio
Publisher: AMACOM 1999-09 | 220 Pages | ISBN: 0814480098 | HTML | 2.3 MB

For all those young professionals who must now do more than manage their milk money. They're smart. They're talented. They're ambitious. They're the next generation of movers and shakers--destined to rule the new millennium. But when it comes to financial fitness, they're clueless. It's sad, but true; many bright young professionals are completely in the dark about basic money matters.Which is exactly why they need to get GOT MONEY?...

This lively financial primer gives readers a genuine financial education (something most schools don't), taking the headaches out of money management, and providing guidance along the path to financial solvency. Broad in coverage and irreverent in style, GOT MONEY? goes far beyond the scope of the dry-as-dust, run-of-the-mill financial book. It shows readers how to: * Set up a budget that's realistic--not masochistic * Find an affordable--and livable--apartment * Shop for a mortgage * Shake off the shackles of student loan debt * Negotiate a salary * Actually find money to invest and then choose wise investments * Control their credit card spending--instead of letting it control them (or why plastic isn't so fantastic!) * Trim their tax bill--without resorting to tricks * Put their money where their technology is--tips for shopping, banking, and investing online (including a listing of web sites where readers can access reams of up-to-date information).

As if that's not enough, GOT MONEY? tops it all off with a list of 10 financial follies that readers should absolutely never ever--under any circumstances--commit.

Informed sources report that today's young people are more interested in money management than their predecessors--but on the whole remain frighteningly ignorant of the specifics involved. Got Money? Enjoy It! Manage It! by personal-finance writer Jeff Wuorio is a sassy but smart compendium of relevant advice for those in their 20s and 30s who would like to buck that latter trend. After addressing everyday fundamentals, including budget setting and bank shopping, it concentrates on more advanced aspects of individual economics, such as debt, investing, retirement planning, home buying, securing financial assistance, utilizing electronic resources, and preparing for taxes. It also contains tips on such frequently overlooked cash-saving practices as reworking onerous student loans, finding and acquiring adequate renter's insurance, and buying household staples in bulk. "Making the most of your money is not as complicated as particle physics," Wuorio writes. "Granted, some things are more complicated than others, but the lion's share of basic financial ideas and principles are within the intellectual reach of anyone." His book synthesizes a wealth of solid information into one handy resource, and does so in a way that newcomers to the world of finance and investing can easily understand and readily utilize. --Howard Rothman

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